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Ryan Parker  


Growing up in the kitchen was a pleasure for me. I really enjoyed the idea of creating food for other people. My Dad can attest to that fact. I am sure he has eaten more burned, and crazy omelets than any other person I know. Every saturday morning I would wake up and make breakfast. Horrible Breakfasts, and he would dutifully eat them.

Well, that kind of support only gets you one thing. A trip to culinary school. Two to be exact. I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 2008 and went on to earn my Masters degree in Hospitality Management from FIU in 2010. 

I have been working professionally as a Chef since 1996 and in restaurants since I was 18. I went back to culinary school, and then on to get my Masters degree, because I wanted to be in education. I have spent the last five years working in higher education As the administrator for two different colleges. I have also been involved in creating culinary curricula for a national grocery retailer. 

What you will find here

This is the home to my personal blog, and the home of “The Killer Food Podcast.” The podcast has tons of great cooking information, techniques and recipes. Over time the content has shifted from healthy eating to general cooking. 

 Places you can find me

  • I am very active on Google+.
  • I use Twitter to send out updates on posts and share the content of others @TheRyanKParker.
  • If that wasn’t enough you can hear my latest podcast The Food Craftsmen and celebrate the stories of the people creating amazing food at The Food Craftsmen site or in iTunes and other pod catching services like Stitcher.

You are more than welcome to leave me a voicemail message. Once you click the link you can record it right on your computer or mobile device.



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