Is the Edge Pro Inc. Apex Knife sharpening system really worth it?

Is the Edge Pro Inc. Apex Knife sharpening really worth it?

Sharp knives are paramount if you are a serious home cook, chef, butcher. I know how painstaking it can be to keep your knives sharp if you do not practice with a stone on a regular basis.

The real challenge is keeping your angles correct each time you draw your blade over the stone. One false move and you could seriously screw the edge of your blade.

Here’s part of the real truth. I never took great care of my knives, well at least sharpen them myself. I always sent them to be done. For the price it was totally worth it. For less than 15 clams I coul have a beautiful edge on 3 or 4 of my most used knives. So why should I do it myself?

IMG_0682Well, there are several factors, personal pride being one of them. If you take the time to sharpen your own knives you will respect them more. It is easier to set personal preferences with your edge if you are doing it yourself. What do I mean by that? Well each chef can decide for themselves what angle to set the bevel for a specific knife. Since not all knives do the same job, you would want different angles on different knives.

A smaller angled bevel, say 15 degrees, will allow you to do more precise work and slice delicate foods easier. While a knife might be a little more thick may need a bevel of 22 degrees to maintain a great edge and do some more hardcore work.

Last week I brought home Edge Pro Inc.’s: Edge Pro Apex knife sharpening system. It’s  an awkward looking contraption but I am already a believer. I took two knives that had been neglected for awhile and set out to see if my $170 were well spent. They were.

Simply follow the set up instructions that come with your kit, securing your Apex to the counter top. The Apex locks in with your specific angle to run the stone across your knife edge. The model I purchased came with a 220 and a 400 grit stone.

Admittedly it takes a little practice to get comfortable with the mechanics of moving the stone across the knife. So start off with the cheap knife you don’t care so much about. Once I was comfortable with the process I realized how quickly I can put a great edge on my knives.

I used to have a three sided stone which I would use from time to time, but I always felt as though I was not hitting the correct angles on my blades. The Apex guides you and takes that guesswork out of the equation.

The Apex is not just for kitchen knives, you can use it on pocket knives as well. There is another model for serrated knives and comes with a ceramic honing rod.


Angle locking for precise control

Easy to set up

Small learning curve for new users


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Do you prefer to sharpen your own knives or take them to a professional?


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One thought on “Is the Edge Pro Inc. Apex Knife sharpening system really worth it?

  1. Although there are knife sharpening services at most of the farmer’s markets nearby… alas, I am lazy and forgetful… thus my Wusthof knives are probably best used for spreading frosting than cutting anything. Thanks for the review… may have to check one of these babies out!