Autumn Giles & Kelly Vass From The Alphabet Soup Podcast

Autumn Giles and Kelly Vass from The Alphabet Soup Podcast drop by and we talk cake, some sex, and shots you get at the bar.

These two women are super smart, funny, and awesome.

Hear how they joined forces to create the super group “Alphabet Soup Podcast”. They have done twenty episodes together and they are still going strong. The women have a love for food, bourbon, words, and they don’t mix the words or the bourbon.

Autumn and Kelly are also food writers, serious ones, who have their work show up in prominent publications. Stuff I could only dream about.


 I am pretty sure they are going to kill me for using these pictures, but I find them endearing (and the first ones on their site I could pirate).

Stick around to the end of the show because I beg you. Yep, down on bended knee!

(I swear a few times in this episode, so earmuff the kids).

Do me a huge favor and check out, so you can get my brand new podcast when it is released (july 2013).


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