Andrew Zimmern’s Podcast & Pizzeria Da Lupo

Today I talk about Andrew Zimmern and Pizzeria Da Lupo in the show!

I have hit episode number 13 and it feels like it was only yesterday I had started this podcast. If you hadn’t noticed, I have shifted the focus of this show to talk more about great food in general. I have had the great opportunity to travel for work the past few days and did my last show while I was in Boulder. I talked about a good restaurant The Kitchen Next Door.

Today I wanted to revisit Boulder in my mind and tell you about a really great pizzeria there. Pizzeria Da Lupo  is just crushing it when it comes to Neapolitan style pizzas. I had the pulled proscuitto pizza. Holy crap it was good.

Chocolate Budino from Pizzeria Da Lupo in Boulder, CO

Chocolate Budino from Pizzeria Da Lupo in Boulder, CO

I also wanted to tell you about another great podcast that covers the world of food. The Travel Channel’s host of Bizarre Food Andrew Zimmern is quietly creating a mini media empire of his own.  What I like about this show found in iTunes and on his own site is it’s raw informative and opinionated conversation between Andrew and his co-host Molly. Go Fork Yourself is less produced and not flashy, but you really get a sense of Andrew’s intelligence and insight to everything to do with the world of food. It also shows a true sense of humor that makes him a lot more lovable. I actually enjoy this format to his show on the Travel Channel.

Keep up the good work guys.

Do you have a favorite food related podcast or show I need to check out?


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