Apple: Arkansas Black & Tom Colicchio’s Book


Apple: Arkansas Black & Tom Colicchio’s Book

Welcome back to my first episode in over a month. I took some time away from creating a show to refocus my efforts on just simply amazing foods and the world that revolves around it. I’ve scrapped the focus of healthy eating. I am still a firm believer in eating healthy and using food as an “investment” in your immediate and future health.

I just find it infinitely more exciting  to share with you all the awesome food I am encountering in California. With a little luck I will be able to find someone who will be able to share their expertise in beer, wine and cheese. All areas I am looking forward to learning more about!- Ryan

This week I talk about:

a great heirloom apple varietal

Book Review: Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio

Using Ratios to make basic egg pasta dough

What’s on your “Chefmas” list this year? Next week I will reveal what you are wishing for in your stocking this year…

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