Arkansas Black, Amazing Heirloom Apple


This past week I had a great opportunity to tour the only all organic produce distributor in the San Francisco area. My day job had set up this field trip for the students and I was invited along. Earl’s Organic Produce is where I discovered the apple Arkansas Black.

It’s dark, black cherry colored skin is very waxy and gives way to an ivory flesh that is beyond crispy. It heads to the edge of crunchy. Speaking of black cherry, the flavor is a mild combination of vanilla, smoke and cherries. It borders on tasting like a Jolly Rancher candy. Brilliant.

I set out to grab some more of these this morning and was lucky they were being carried at Whole Foods Market on Ocean Avenue in SF. From what I have been told by the local produce expert, and national radio host, Mark Mulcahy these are grown not too far from us in Nor Cal. The producer has just now become able to grow these beautiful apples where they can be sold at a retail level.

A few of the articles I have read say the flesh and flavor become more palatable with storage, do not let that stop you from taking these directly from the store and eating them out of hand. You will love the flavor.

Have you experienced an Arkansas Black apple? If so, where did you find it? Or, do you have a great piece of produce I should try?

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