One iPhone App that Helps You in the Kitchen: Ratio

iPhone app Ratio

  Ratio: The iPhone app for experienced cooks If you have been reading for anytime now you know I do not like being a slave to the recipe. I prefer to learn the techniques behind cooking and gain that ‘freedom’ of experimenting.  Recipes are for the weak, the un-adventurous, the newbies. Learning techniques behind the […]

Anthony Bourdain in Detroit for Parts Unknown Season 2 Finale

Detroit Skyline

National Coverage of Detroit Brings Debate as to How Detroit is Shown on Air: Anthony Bourdain toured Detroit in July to film his show Parts Unknown, which airs sunday nights on CNN. The show aired last Sunday night and immediately stirred the hornets nest for not showing Detroit in the proper “light.” decided that there weren’t enough African […]

Anthony Bourdain Brings Us Mind of a Chef S2

Mind of a Chef Season 2 is on the way! Yay from me… Anthony Bourdain, long time tv personality and Chef of Les Halles, continues to rumble on in complete Tony fashion. When the first season premiered I could only hope this wasn’t just a “one-off” thing for Anthony and his production company buddies. Here’s […]