Cochon555’s Porcine Prince Praises Purposeful Pigs & People

 Secret Origins of Cochon555

Brady Lowe had a dream, a vision, then a plan. His dream was to make heritage pigs the talk of the town. Get the conversationrolling. It was not enough to simply let people know the pigs were out there, Brady wanted to find a way to connect those pigs, and the people who raise them with Chefs and restaurants around the country. That is where Cochon555 came into play.

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This national tour now stops in ten cities across the country each year and has a “friendly” competition between 5 chefs, each paired with a pig, and celebrates 5 winemakers as well. There you have it: 5 Chefs 5 Pigs 5 Winemakers.

It’s more than just an impressive porcine party. In each city one of the Chefs is crowned Pork Prince (or Princess, Duskie Estes of Zazu Restaurant has won), but that is not the end of your Chef-ly journey. Once the Chef wins the city round they move onto the Grand Cochon at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic (June 16,2013), where the porky goodness is judged until the years reigning champ is announced.

All in all, Cochon555 is for a good cause. Raising awareness around heritage pigs and their producers.

Upcoming events in 2013:

April 7th – D.C.*

April 14th- San Francisco*

April 21st- Miami*

April 28th- Chicago*

May 5th- Los Angeles*


*Tickets Still Available

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