Corby Kummer Gets it Wrong & Habanas in Alameda, CA

Corby Kummer is wrong in his Vanity Fair Article, but first…. a little Havana in Alameda


Habanas Cuban Cuisine in Alameda is great. I was nervous walking in simply because we were the only ones in the place mid-saturday morning. Knowing we were there in the bright light of day, I excused the unfinished concrete flooring and obvious skin-deep upgrades for decor and took a seat in the dining room.

I settled in while Mikey ordered a sparkling Mojito. I thought, “here we go with the gimmicks!” Both of us were in the mood for a pressed sandwich so we decided to share a Cuban and a Ropa Vieja and start with an order of Boniato Garlic Fries.


The boniato fries arrived piping hot with chopped garlic and salt tossed amongst the thin-cut, crunchy fries. In a small ramekin along the side is a Chimichuri Aioli, garlicky, herbaceous and a touch sweet.


Get the Cuban sandwich at Habanas in Alameda.


It's simple but awesome, the pressed sammies at Habanas in Alameda

It’s simple but awesome, the pressed sammies at Habanas in Alameda

Our server told us it gets busier shortly after noon. I should hope so, Habanas is serving up some great flavors and is completely reasonably priced.

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And what the real impact of Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter is.

Finally an email from J.D. at

Cristiano from Creminelli fine meats is a rockstar and alleged teddy bear!

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