Essential Cookware, Vanilla Oreos & The New YR

In todays show I discuss a few of the essential pieces of cookware you will need in order to start cooking. You’ll be surprised on the set of cookware to get you started.  

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I also want to tell you about my guilty pleasure of the week and Mikey has been making some killer Ice cream.

Outside of having high-quality, sharp knives having some basic cookware will get you going in the right direction. Understand you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on cookware to have good results. A few years ago I was going to do a television appearance in Cincinnati and new I wanted some sparkling new cookware. I know you have watched the Food Network and seen chefs and restaurants on location where the cookware looked beat up and sad. I didn’t want the audience to be distracted by stained pots and pans. So, I went out shopping. I didn’t find what I was looking for when I went to the local restaurant supply house. I changed gears and realized I may just want to find something at a department store. The local Macy’s were having a huge sale on their home goods and I spotted exactly what I needed.
What I was looking for was a small, complete set that would allow me to handle the day-to-day cooking I do. Here’s the specifics I needed:
8″ frying pan
10″ frying pan
small sauce pan
large sauce pan
Tall stock pot to handle upto 2 gallons of stock
I highly recommend for the cook just starting out, or even the seasoned home cook, to check out Emeril’s Emerilware made by All-Clad.


Do you have cookware you can’t live without? Let us know:

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    • I would recommend not using a traditional non-stick pan but if you want similar qualities to non-stick go for a hard anodized steel pan. Emeril makes those also, but I have an all-clad and its my favorite singular pan.