Why Gary Vaynerchuk is Flat Out Wrong? He’s not.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur, author (his new book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World is available for preorder now), and the face of Wine Library TV. He started out young as an entrepreneur and grew Shoppers Discount Liquors from $3 million to $45 million business.

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Michael Schein is a writer for Inc. Magazine, his article “Why Gary Vaynerchuk is Flat Out Wrong” posted online earlier this morning. The article’s headline and following content proclaimed Gary V’s tactics for building business will destroy yours. While giving Gary credit for being a massive success Michael chose these reasons that would be the downfall of your business if you followed his model:

  • He relies on brute force
  • He creates bottlenecks
  • His approach isn’t scalable

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I want to take a closer look at these three points and see if we can poke a few holes in Michael’s theories. (I am going to present some theories, read assumptions, of my own)

He relies on brute force

Yep. Brute force. I would prefer to call it tenacity, but brute force will work in this scenario. By brute force I am assuming Michael meant putting out tons of tweets, creating valuable engaging content, and making connections with people all over the world at a relentless pace. If you are being authentic with your clients, with your followers, and presenting invaluable content, in hopes to grow your business you better use brute force. Be relentless.

He creates bottlenecks

“Imagine a factory assembly line where production depended entirely on one person. Whenever this person felt even a little bit under the weather, the operation started to lag. If he missed a week or more, it ground to a screeching halt.”

Gary Vaynerchuk’s business is not an assembly line. What you are seeing on the outside is Gary doing what only Gary can do for his business. Being the face, and being the voice of the business is a task that only Gary can fulfill. This isn’t to say there are not other charismatic people who work for the Gary Vee empire, I am almost positive if you do not have passion for whatever your job is within the Gary Vee organization you won’t last long.

A major part of what is making that company grow and scale is getting the “Gary Vee-ness” out into the world to create excitement and buzz, inform and entertain. No one else can do that for him. “Only do what you can do for your business and let others do what they can,” is the new entrepreneurs mantra. If you’re interested in starting and growing your business, figure out what it is you do best. If you’re not good in front of the camera, or making connections with  people, find someone who is, and let them do it. If your strength is strategic planning, get behind the wheel and drive.

His approach isn’t scalable

“Many readers of this publication want to build a business that will stand the test of time. They are looking to grow, expand into other ventures, or retire to Tahiti with millions in the bank. If any of this rings true for you, remember that you will eventually be limited by how hard you can work. Even if you manage to work 24 hours a day, there will come a time when your business and your marketing require 25.”

First off, every business requires more than 24 hours in a day. I want to take a look at the business portion in question first. Gary has not only scaled his business through his marketing efforts, he’s “crushing it” to borrow a phrase from him. Michael wrote in the article, “He’s the entrepreneur who grew his father’s business from a humble liquor store into a wine empire through a combination of social media and content marketing.” How is that not scaling? To further the point Gary has “scaled” his business by opening new revenue streams that weren’t part of the “humble liquor store” when he took the reigns. Scaling a business is not always linear.

To speak on the ability to scale marketing, more and more people hear of Gary Vaynerchuk each day. Now that is very linear, but here are the ripple effects. When his message of crushing it gets a hold of a person, and it resonates deep inside of them, does one think they sit quietly and hold that excitement in? Not a chance. When a person finds someone, or something that truly resonates within themselves they will go out of their way to continue to spread that message. The pebble you threw into the pond quickly becomes a tidal wave. That is the essence of true social marketing. Resonate, others cannot do that for you.

IF you really want a true sense of that passion Gary exudes in his books I suggest getting the Audible version of the book Crush It!. It is like listening to a Rocky movie.

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