Marshall’s Honey


 Marshall’s Honey from the East Bay Area is Fantastic.

How lucky am I to be able to speak to awesome people about the foods they produce. I use honey everyday and a few weeks back I stumbled onto Marshall’s Honey at the Jack London Square farmers market and [audio][/audio]boy was my mind (and tastebuds) blown.

Spencer grew up in a farming family and always has been a “nature person”. He believes if you do everything right the bees will respond. Helene describes her honey much like you would wine. The honey tastes different from hive to hive because of what the bees are foraging on.

You have to just love people who enjoy making their products. Marshall’s Honey will pack special jars and label them for special occasions. They have shipped them all over the world and people even buy them as wedding favors.



 This whole bay area is bee paradise- Spencer Marshall

I thought I had discovered and uncovered a hidden gem, but after going through the Marshall’s Honey website I realized just how much of a small fish I really am. Take a look at the godfather Emeril enjoying their honey as well.


Emeril checking out Marshall's honey from the San Francisco bay area.

Emeril checking out Marshall’s honey from the San Francisco bay area.


What is your favorite Honey? And what do you use it for? Leave a comment below!

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