Looking for a Bread Brotform Basket?

For all of you artisan bread bakers, and home bakers alike, Mike Batho is looking for support on his Kickstarter project. Mike is developing new a brotform basket from recycled materials. Check out his video and then support him to reach his goal (if you like). if you liked this article, get updates (it’s free) GOOGLE+

Anthony Bourdain Brings Us Mind of a Chef S2

Mind of a Chef Season 2 is on the way! Yay from me… Anthony Bourdain, long time tv personality and Chef of Les Halles, continues to rumble on in complete Tony fashion. When the first season premiered I could only hope this wasn’t just a “one-off” thing for Anthony and his production company buddies. Here’s […]

David Leite Shares His Love For Food. Interview Part 2

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Podcast: Download This week I get the great opportunity to talk with James Beard Award winning writer and host of Talking With My Mouth Full, David Leite.  We had a lot to talk about so this is part 2 of 2 episodes. This week Killer Food is brought to you by The Food Craftsmen. A show […]

The Kimchi Cometh


For all of you who thought Kimchi was just a small dish of spicy cabbage you get on the side of your Korean BBQ, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. Ok, well, not dead wrong. But it is so much more than that. First of all you may have only had commercially produced kimchi, which would be […]

Is Kalamazoo, MI ready to become “Beer City, USA”?


It has a fighting chance. Boasting the first craft-brewery beyond CO., Bell’s Brewery, has 3 of the 18 world’s best beers. The city has embraced craft beers early on. But it has some stiff in-state competition with Grand Rapids vying for the same title. Grand Rapids is defending its’ title from 2012, shared with Asheville, […]

Student Walkout at Culinary Institute of America

CIA student protest. Photo originally appeared in NYT

Today one fifth of the undergraduate students left class to protest at the Culinary Institute of America. The protest wasn’t over the high costs of education, but the “slipping standards” of admissions and student dress code. Read the full NYTs article.  Please take a moment to leave a review in the iTunes store. Your reviews allow […]

Craftsmanship and Food. Where America Is Heading


Podcast: Download Craftsmanship is NOT a thing of the past. Yes you have to look harder to find it. Yes it may cost a little more when you do, but for those of you who find a craftsman, you celebrate the hell out of those people. It’s the likes of Bryan from Breckenridge Distillery in Colorado. […]

Shaming Dogs vs Shaming Customers and The Power Of the Tweet


I have worked in the restaurant business and the culinary world for the past twenty years. I have seen some crazy things happen duringthose times. Sex, drugs, yelling, Chefs shaming cooks and servers. I have never seen someone do this to the clientele of a restaurant as I did when the manager, and lets call […]