Is Kalamazoo, MI ready to become “Beer City, USA”?

It has a fighting chance. Boasting the first craft-brewery beyond CO., Bell’s Brewery, has 3 of the 18 world’s best beers. The city has embraced craft beers early on. But it has some stiff in-state competition with Grand Rapids vying for the same title. Grand Rapids is defending its’ title from 2012, shared with Asheville, […]

How to use whole spices/ James Beard Awards/ Congrats to Andrew Zimmern

This week I tell you how to use the whole spices you just bought. So last week I shared with you how to purchase spices without any fear. Once you get them home what do you do with them? The answers are all contained in this weeks episode. [powerpress]James Beard Awards: On friday the media, […]

Shaming Dogs vs Shaming Customers and The Power Of the Tweet

I have worked in the restaurant business and the culinary world for the past twenty years. I have seen some crazy things happen duringthose times. Sex, drugs, yelling, Chefs shaming cooks and servers. I have never seen someone do this to the clientele of a restaurant as I did when the manager, and lets call […]