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The Secrets to Great Pizza Dough

The crust of the pizza is the most important part. If you get that right the rest is easy as pie!

Podcast: Download Pizza Dough Secrets, It’s In The Details… You can debate it all you want. Which pizza is the best? NY style, Deep Dish, Neapolitan? You choose! Go ahead, I dont care. For me, it’s all about making your own  pizza dough. So you think it’s hard to do, well it ain’t!

The Art of Piada


  Originally Posted on from the producer:  A few days ago my sister came to visit me and started to prepare her fantastic piadinas. Discover the rest of the story in this video… Shot using Canon 5d MkII + 50mm 1.4 lens Music: Baleen Morning – Balmorhea (2007) Enjoy your original piada. Thanks to […]

Marshall’s Honey

Spencer lives in "bee paradise"

Marshall’s Honey really cannot be beat. I talk with Spencer & Helene about their special bees. Feel the buzz?

Questions about Making Pizza Dough

Forget the toppings for a moment. It's the crust that's king...

 Is your pizza dough not rising? Not flavorful? Not Whatever…. For Episode 21 of Killer Food with Ryan Parker I would like to answer your questions about making pizza dough. Send me a voicemail by clicking the call me button below or you can email me by going to The crust of the pizza is […]

Chef Jay Kees in Johns Island S.C.

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Podcast: Download   Chef Jay Kees and I have known each other since the ‘good old days’ of the Culinary Institute of America. This year he has bootstrapped a wonderful restaurant in Johns Island, South Carolina. 

Jacques Pepin makes a french style omelet

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  Jacques Pepin demonstrates making a French style omelet from Food & Wine online: If you ever wanted to know why Julia Child was so great it is, partly, because she had cool friends like this. I had the chance to work with Jacques in 2005 at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. I have […]

Horse Meat and Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Growing up I really disliked green vegetables until I realized just how awesome they are roasted. So in today’s show I tell you the secret to roasting Brussels sprouts AND cauliflower. I know, cauliflower is not a green vegetable but it’s so freakin’ good when you roast it I thought I would put it in there as a bonus.

I take a look at a new website and explain why the newbie cook should use it.