Sex is better on a Killer Food diet!


Sex is better on a Killer Food diet!

I <3 Sex

I thought I would pick a topic that most people want more of, sex! Remember the old saying it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Why not have both? Passionate, heart pumping, sweaty, crazy sex that both of you enjoy.

In today’s show I give you some amazing foods that support an amazing sex life and tell you why they work. This is no hocus-pocus, it’s the “relevant real deal Holyfield” to quote Snoop Dogg (if you don’t know Snoop Dogg just google him).
Question: Have you experienced an upswing in your love life since changing your eating habits? What other ways have a plant-based diet improved your life?

I’d like to say hello to Ali and Andrew from Engin Inspired Coaching. I got in touch with Ali this week and she has agreed to do a guest post on here for your enjoyment. I will update you as soon as that is scheduled. Make sure you check them out, especially if you are in the Boston area.

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